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Like to be different?

blu KM900 patio sliding door handle range

As a Patio Sliding Door fabricator what are you doing to ensure your sliding doors stand out from your competition?

Is it the design, performance, aesthetics, delivery times or maybe even the warranty given?

What about the hardware?

Don’t Overlook the Difference a Quality Patio Door Handle Makes
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If like many fabricators across the UK you are spending time, money and effort trying to enhance your patio doors, don’t overlook the importance of the hardware when it comes to getting a competitive edge.

If you fit lower quality handles, not only will you let down the look of your door, but you will also negatively affect its performance.

We have even seen high-end aluminium sliding doors being fitted with age-old traditional ‘D-style’ design patio door handles. That’s no way to make a positive impression.

The growing trend for larger sliding doors has left homeowners searching high and low for a sliding patio door handle that enhances the performance and look of their door. They want a handle, that looks, feels and performs better than what’s been previously available. They want a handle that reflects the aesthetics of the new-style larger patio sliding doors.

Cornish Hotel Sees and Feels the Difference

Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall enjoys a stunning position right on the beach. It’s so close, in fact, that you can watch the surfers from the comfort of the rooms. When their existing sliding door handles quickly deteriorated and corroded they decided to upgrade to blu™’s solid 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Patio Slide Handles. And since they have, the feedback has been incredible.

Their Facilities Manager commented on the difference the handles made, stating:

“We chose blu’s Patio Handles not only because of their durability for our tough environment, but because they are much better looking than the previous handles. Plus they’re more in keeping with the style and environment of the hotel.”

Handles Before


Handles Compare


Handles After


Meeting customer demand and satisfaction is vital in today’s market. So if you don’t fit handles that meet today’s style, or that are likely to corrode and fail in a couple of years’ time then you are likely to miss out on sales opportunities.

And from a fabricator’s perspective, fitting the lower quality option could see you having to make frequent, expensive visits back to site to sort performance issues.

This doesn’t have to be the case any longer!

Blu™’s new style KM9 series Patio Slide Handles not only look stunning but come with a range of features and benefits designed to make the handle look, feel and perform better for you than any other products on the market.

Our stainless steel sliding patio door handle brings you many benefits including:

  • Guaranteed to perform for a Lifetime, helping you provide a better warranty for your doors and customer peace of mind
  • Made from solid 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion
  • Designed with a new solid 316 Stainless Steel backplate to operate even the largest, heaviest of sliding door sashes
  • Supplied with an easy-to-operate latch
  • Available with either a Euro Profile Cylinder cut out or blank plate option
  • Compatible for use with most locking systems
  • Part of blu™’s suited range of door and window hardware so you can keep your design consistent across your client’s property

As with all blu™ door and window hardware, our patio handles feature our unique ‘Super-Satin’ finish.

So why go the extra mile with this finish?

The hardware is often the only part of your door or window your customer will touch. The ‘Super-Satin’ finish provides a lovely silky feel every time your customer opens their door or window. It also reduces the chance of any airborne contaminants settling on the hardware and causing tea-staining. Give your customer that extra ‘feel-good factor’ by fitting blu™ hardware.

Be different and see how our stunning KM9 Series Stainless Steel Patio Door Handles catch the eye of your customer, increasing your sales opportunities. We’re confident you’ll notice the difference if you install these handles on the patio doors in your showroom. To request a set of handles for your showroom, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss.

Or if you would like to discuss in more detail how our door and window hardware range could benefit you please contact us on 01726 871 025 or

Published by: Jon Statham on: August 5th 2019