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Manufacturers spotted at FIT Show getting ahead by fitting blu™ door & window hardware

blu at the Fit Show 2019

In an increasingly competitive market, door and window manufacturers are having to work harder to set themselves apart from their competition. One successful and proven way manufacturers are doing this is by fitting blu™ suited range of door and window hardware.

You could be missing out by not fitting blu™, but these companies seen at the FIT Show below certainly weren’t:

HAB9HAB9 – ‘V’ Style Bar Door Pull Handle
SST87SST87 – Casement Window Espag Handle
HAB6HAB6 – Offset Round ‘T’ Bar Door Pull Handle
KM750KM750 – Lift & Slide Door Handle
HAB15HAB15 – Inline Rectangular ‘T’ Bar Door Pull Handle
SE38SE38 – Security Escutcheon
HAB2HAB2 – Inline Round ‘T’ Bar Door Pull Handle
CP50CP50 – Back to Back Euro Cylinder Pull
TTH50TTH50 – Tilt & Turn Window Handle
HAB4HAB4 – Square Mitred Door Pull Handle

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Published by: Jon Statham on: May 29th 2019