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View the NEW – blu™ – the success story” video

View the NEW - blu™ - window hinge success story video

As with many, success can start from the simplest of ideas – maybe from filling a gap in the market, maybe from fixing a pain point in the market, or maybe from doing something a little different to the pack.

In fact blu™ has ended up doing all three! Quality timber window manufacturers wanted a specialist cranked butt hinge made from stainless steel for a Danish flush timber window system. It had to be extremely durable due to the corrosive environment it was being fitted into – acidic timber and properties near the coast. Hence the decision to use the most durable metal available – 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
Of course a window hinge isn’t the only piece of hardware having to withstand a corrosive environment so the concept of hardware made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel quickly gained attention. Standard 304 grade stainless steel hardware was causing real issues in the market when fitting to acidic timber and to properties near the coast. Naturally the range started to increase off the back of customer demand.

As doors & windows have become a commodity product in the construction market so it has become necessary to differentiate if you want to succeed.

“One way you can easily do this is to use a premium but very affordable range of durable hardware from blu™!”

says blu™ MD Loren Jenner.

And it’s working for many door and window companies. Are you taking advantage of fitting blu™ hardware? You can be part of it today… View the video below to find out how.

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Published by: Jon Statham on: December 6th 2017